Po dwóch albumach dla własnej wytwórni False Idols, król mrocznego trip-hop Tricky powraca z nowym projektem Skilled Mechanics. To efekt pracy Adriana Thawsa z wieloma różnymi muzykami z wielu zakątków świata.

Tricky "Bejing To Berlin"

Tricky „Bejing To Berlin”

Pierwszy efekt tej współpracy to dostępny już na 7″ winylu oraz w postaci cyfrowej (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Wimp, etc.) singiel „Bejing to Berlin„. To wynik współpracy Trickiego z enigmatyczną chińską wokalistą i producentem Ivy.

Tak o tej współpracy opowiada sam artysta:

I was in Beijing for a show and I met this guy who managed her. He told me that she wanted to work with me so I asked for her to send a vocal track with some drums to me so I could do my thing to it. She’s so different! So raw! The strange thing is, I’ve had the track for a while but I only just found out that she’s not rapping in Chinese. I ain’t got a clue what language it is. I have no idea. It might be completely made up but whatever it is, it sounds wicked. I’m lucky that with my label, False Idols, I don’t need to worry about things like this. I’m never going to have an A&R guy saying to me, ‘We don’t understand what she’s saying.’ Because we don’t need the support of commercial radio. It was my real good luck meeting her and she’s definitely going to be on the next Skilled Mechanics album as well.